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Welcome to Boink Robotics

We love science. Be it physics, mathematics, robotics, general computer science - it doesn't matter. We've done it all, and we've loved it all. However, like most anything that is worth doing, all of these things have something of a steep learning curve.  It is our hope that this page will guide you towards the level of pseudo-expertise that is required for any awesome scientific endeavor. 

So have fun, learn much, and if you have any tips, tutorials, or questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email.



Recent News:

June 3, 2013:

I've updated the CSS template to give the site a cleaner, more professional look. It now also matches the Blog's color scheme, which I've grown to love in the past month.

May 15, 2013:

New project on Twitter Data Analytics is available under Mathematics!  Learn how to pipe into a Twitter stream based on keyword filtering, and parse a stream of tweets to glean the general sentiment of a topic.

April 25, 2013:

Our new Blog is up, check it out!

April 4, 2013:

There are two new projects available under Robotics! These projects cover concepts such as knowledge representation, logic programming, Breadth-First Search and A* Search. While they are not strictly robotics-related, they are good examples of core Aritificial Intelligence concepts which are vital to robotic tasks such as path-planning and decision-making. They are also very, very cool.

December 30, 2012:

Finally, there are several projects available under Mathematics! Also added a few new Physics projects, and updated the site. Better layouts. Better aesthetics. Better everything.

December 22, 2012:

Despite the overwhelmingly indisputable scientific basis for the Mayan Apocalypse, it would appear as though we have all survived. This marks the fourteenth major predicted apocalypse that I have survived in my lifetime. Of course, there are four more to come in this century alone, including one this August, so brace yourselves!

Among the conjecture and guesswork, there are also several end-of-the-world scenarios worth considering, including the beginning of our Sun's red giant phase, the Big Rip, and the heat death of the universe. Luckily, the probable timeframe for these phenomena ranges from 5 billion C.E. to 10100 C.E., so there's no need to fret right now.

August 19, 2012:

Our robots are finally up - say hello!

May 23, 2012:

New project added under Physics. Check it out, it's about Quantum Mechanics!

November 2, 2011:

Upgraded the website, added new projects and information. Added lots of sites to the links page, with tons of useful hardware and software.

June 4, 2011:

The Boink Robotics Project is up and running! There are projects available under Robotics and Physics, along with tutorials on installing Player/Stage and ROS on Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Also, please check out the links section for other invaluable robotics resources and goodies.


Be sure to check back soon! We will continually be updating this website with more projects, tutorials, and anything else we feel is interesting